Christmas Shopping Tip: Environment Ministers

Talk about a tough one! What to get the jet-setting environment minister in your family, without exceeding your WWF™ carbon footprint?

Assuming for the moment that your minister won't be shuttling between European cities over the holidays—you know, meeting with all the other world leaders to decide who's been naughty or nice—you can bet that she (or he) will have the weight of the world on her (or his) shoulders. If it's not the sickly polar bears, it's the transportation bottleneck that's dragging down your country's wholesale crude prices.

We have the perfect gift—a self-driving EV fuel tanker! Being an Audi™, it comes with the certified Merkel Seal of Approval™, which allows the owner to transport fossil fuels in vast quantities while signalling that she (or he) is fully committed to the Paris™ climate accord.

Okay, so it's a little on the pricey side. But here's a thought. Everyone in the family could pitch in, with their piggy-bank savings and their accumulated carbon credits, and make it, truly, the greenest Christmas ever!