Earth-Day Groupthink Works like a Charm

On the occasion of Earth Day, see if you can connect these two dots.

1. Yesterday the New York Times ran a feature graphic showing Boston under 170 feet of water (pic above), inviting readers to take a "quiz" in which they try to identify the borders of various American states under the same global-warming-induced deluge.

2. Today the Times is running a video (link above) in which a collection of blue-blooded conservatives explain why they believe in climate change:

"If I were to deny climate change then other people would say that I am an idiot."

"Seven out of ten people in the U.K. would wonder what I was talking about."

"If I denied climate change, my constituents would laugh at me."

This is how the increasingly desperate climate-hysteria racket now works. Make the most outlandish predictions you can conjure, insist that "the science is settled," use adjectives like civilization-ending to scare the wits out of everyone, and then silence the incredulous by insisting that if they do not accept the new catechism they will be thought ridiculous by their colleagues, classmates and constituents.

Happy Earth Day.