Postmedia Bombs

Peace bombs.jpg

An article published yesterday in the Postmedia chain of newspapers opens as follows:

As U.S. president Donald Trump thumps Canada with an out-of-the-blue trade war, he is simultaneously cozying up to a nuclear-armed North Korea: Saluting their generals, flattering their dictator and even making them fake movie trailers.

For Canadians watching all this, a natural question is: What if we got some nuclear weapons, too?

This is not satire. What follows is a straight-up piece of investigative journalism, based on interviews with policy planners, nuclear systems engineers, and non-proliferation experts.

Only in 2018—with our mainstream media so unglued from any sense of proportion, history, or civic rectitude—could such a non-sequitur be characterized as "natural."

It is not natural. It is absurd.