Ask Not for Whom the Bong Tolls

Canada pot flag - CNN.jpg

It tolls for all Canadians—or at least it will do so on October 17, when we can enjoy a fat recreational spliff legally for the first time.

This surely is another ground-breaking cultural and political milestone for Canada, thanks to our hipster PM—and doubly worth savoring since it coincides with a new wave of Canadian nationalism, polls showing that almost all Canadians loathe Donald Trump, and a tourism renaissance we haven't seen since 9/11.

Little wonder the Liberal party is already trying to cash in on the landmark legislation. "It's been too easy for our kids to get marijuana—and for criminals to reap the profits," intones a party ad launched Wednesday. "We're keeping our promise to change that, with our plan to legalize and regulate marijuana. Make a donation now and support the progress we're making together."

Maybe Canadians should follow suit and commission a new national ad campaign—something edgy like, Hey Bud, Let's Party! or perhaps Dude, where'd you put the Cheetos?

Sky's the limit.