Celebrities Unite to Save the Planet

Binoche - Cannes 2016.jpg

In the wake of the resignation of French environment minister Nicolas Hulot, a star-studded group of "200 personalities" yesterday published a petition co-authored by actor Juliette Binoche intended "to save the planet."

The situation is dire:

We are living a global cataclysm. Global warming, drastic decrease of living spaces, collapse of biodiversity, deep pollution of soil, water and air, rapid deforestation: all the indicators are alarming. At the current rate, in a few decades, there will be almost nothing left. Humans and most living species are in a critical situation.

But the solution is vague:

We propose the choice of politics—far from lobbies—and potentially unpopular measures that will result. It's a question of survival.

What could a group of Hollywood A-listers possibly mean by "unpopular measures"? Giving up their junkets, limos and private jets?