In Praise of Clever Canadians
Climate lecture.jpg Climate Change hysterical reportage on such "confusing" matters as climate change. U of Ottawa sociologist Kelly
Climate Models
answer.... In recent years, some scientists have suggested that our climate models may actually be one of the most fundamental questions in climate science—but it’s also one of the most difficult to Climate Models Climate Change A jaw-dropping report on the state of climate research appeared in the Washington Post last week Climate map.jpg predicting too much future warming, and that climate change will be less severe than the projections
Review: Just Cool It
-environmentalists"—people who spread "lies" about climate science, "promote fossil fuels at the expense of human David Suzuki is a climate warrior, as his new book, Just Cool It (co-authored by Ian Hanington Climate Change
Systemic Change or Bust
Climate Change Climate march - Shadia Fayne Wood.jpg written a hard-hitting op-ed in the New York Times bearing the title "The Climate Crisis? It's Capitalism , Stupid." He takes as given that we are living through an epochal climate "disaster" that cannot be mainly the preserve of climate skeptics like Rupert Darwall—what is really at stake in the climate debate
Carbon Shaming
Climate Change Forget about fat shaming. In our climate-obsessed culture, carbon shaming is the future. The
A Gift to the Skeptics
Climate Change The leaked U.S. Special Report on climate has been touted as a slam-dunk against Donald Trump but events—even though it was the IPCC that trained us not to confuse weather with climate. It devotes
Baby, It's Cold Outside
, presumably, President Trump). "So, to the climate change doubters and deniers out there, the unusual weather we’re seeing this winter is in no way evidence against climate change. It is an example of anthropogenic global warming. It fell to climate scientist-activist Michael Mann to flesh out the thesis precisely the sort of extreme winter weather we expect because of climate change." This morning the Climate Change climate change continues to warm the oceans." Just for good measure, Mann took a hearty slash at those
Confusing the Public
The aim of Christine Todd Whitman's op-ed on climate change this week was ostensibly to affirm that Climate Change " that reads the New York Times, the reports of the IPCC, the growing docket of climate lawsuits, and the angry jeremiads of climate doomsayers demanding ever more radical transformations of our societies.
A Busy Day at the Vatican
energy use, but "very high grades for its performance in international climate diplomacy." Climate still exporting coal? According to the 2018 Climate Change Performance Index, Canada ranks 51st out Climate Change inadequate solutions." Leaving aside humanity's most daunting climate-related ethical challenges—whether world is the pontiff's strongly worded insistence that debate on global climate policy be limited to
Climate Models II
Climate Models II Climate Change Climate skeptics are today walking tall. A new study by ten eminent climate scientists has revealed worthless. As a ground-breaking 2014 study concluded, estimates for climate sensitivity based on
Toronto Welcomes Dr. James Hansen
Climate Change
Another Gift to the Skeptics
conscientious citizens have no wish to dispute the conclusions of climate scientists, and even increasing trend on 30-year climate time scales." Fair enough. But here's the interesting bit. The Climate Change The best thing about a leaked climate report is that its dire forecasts make headlines twice. This been used as "informal evidence to cast doubt on the accuracy of climate projections from CMIP5 is the case for the Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA), which was leaked in August 2017 and
Harvey & Irma
Climate Change training people for this for the last 16 years.” Climate radicals and skeptics are already in open qua non of 21st-first-century climate politics is "mitigation and adaptation," Harvey and Irma will stand as triumphs of the latter.
Climate Disaster Porn
Climate Disaster Porn -Wells' "The Uninhabitable Earth." Sociologist Daniel Cohen has labeled the phenomenon "climate Climate Change disaster porn" and he's right. To their credit, climate scientists including Michael Mann have challenged Climate hysteria went off the Richter scale this week with the viral circulation of David Wallace
On Hurricane Hazel
Climate Change officials, or quoted the fictional alien Klaatu to the effect that "climate change [is] an
On "Climate Evil"
prognostications of the leaked U.S. climate report. Bad enough that climate deniers always argue in climate evil" comprised of fossil-fuel opportunists, right-wing ideologues and ego-maniacal intellectuals On "Climate Evil" Climate Change
Saving Winter
of the multinational ad agency Saatchi and Saatchi), when it comes to climate prophecy, we have lost Climate Change no position to quibble with the science of climate change, of course. As we are reminded practically the capacity for incredulity. Like all mass psychoses, Climate Derangement Syndrome is indispensable to the media-relations arm of the IPCC climate consensus. Four years ago, during the Sochi We must face the music. Climate Derangement Syndrome™ is now the official mass psychosis of the
The IPCC Reports from Fantasy Island
surprisingly, it is making tsunami-sized waves among climate-change radicals who are already convinced Climate Change the poverty of the climate debate as it stands today, courtesy of the the iron-fisted hegemony of
Climate Warnings
Thanks to the CBC, we have this morning learned about two important developments in the climate Climate Change Climate Warnings
The Word from Bonn
tweet welcoming two Paris-accord holdouts into the COP23 club of climate virtuosity: "Canada salutes Climate Change everything to do with the optics of "climate action" and the less-visible contortions of world Climate Crime - DW.jpg climate denialism is immaterial because the Paris accord is "completely hopeless" in any case. "It leaders. In the words of famed NASA climate scientist James Hansen, who is attending COP23, Donald Trump's
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