Email Your Work

All course submissions should be emailed, in accordance with the following provisos:

In addition to a student's name, student number and course number, the cover page of every emailed assignment must cite the number of words.  The idea is to reduce the possibility that a student might inadvertently email the wrong draft or an incomplete assignment.

I will acknowledge receipt of submissions as soon as I receive them.  If you do not receive an email confirmation from me, you should assume that I have not received your assignment.

Emailed assignments must take the form of MS Word files (ending in .docx, .doc or .rtf).

Emailed assignments will conform to the Chicago Manual of Style.  References should take the form of endnotes, with citations numbered consecutively.  All assignments will contain title pages and bibliographies.  (Assignments should be emailed as single files.  Do not send title pages and bibliographies separately.)